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Communication Skills

Is communication in your organization productive and effective?

Communication styles differ from culture to culture; communication skill levels vary among individuals.
Productive managers team members are ones that communicate effectively
every time.

In our communication skills training, participants gain the necessary skills both to give and receive communication in an effective, efficient manner.

Training Topics

Trainings are tailored to client needs.  New workshops can be developed upon request.

Storytelling: Using Illustrative Examples for Influence and Impact.  Bare facts and statistics don’t deliver your message with impact.  How to choose, craft and present stories that influence and persuade your audience.

Voice/Speech Power and Health.  Especially for salespeople and professionals who give lots of presentations.  How to keep the voice healthy, flexible and strong.

Behavioral Communication:  Building Connections.  How to build connections with anyone through simple behavioral techniques.

Coaching/Mentoring.  How to develop your “up-and-comers” and new employees and encourage and guide them to excellence.

DISC Profile Tool.  Determining individual work style preferences and increasing understanding and respect for diverse styles in the workplace.

Effective Feedback Skills.  Giving effective feedback, both corrective and confirming, with ease.

Conflict Management.  Conflict is an opportunity to solve problems and build relationships.  How to defuse and manage conflict for the maximum benefit to your organization.

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by Jennifer J. Pawlitschek