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Jennifer J. PawlitschekAccent Reduction.  Presentation Skills.  Communication Skills.

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Our client base includes diplomats who regularly speak in front of UN committees and corporate professionals presenting in front of colleagues or at professional conferences. We serve both internationals and native English speakers.

Private Training In-Person or Via Skype or Google+
Work individuallly to maximize your progress.

Successful professionals are effective communicators.

If you are a talented, well-educated professional, you need top-level communication skills to:

*be promoted,

*get the sale,

*be recognized for your skills

With the right training, you can improve your communication skills. Do you have an accent that is difficult for others to understand?  You can learn a different one that is more intelligible. Do you have difficulties with presentations? You can master skills that make public speaking situations an opportunity to show off what you know. And you can do this in a safe, confidential environment.

Powerful Speaking offers private consultations, in-person and via Skype, Google+ and other platforms.

Don’t hesitate; let your ideas be heard! Contact us for an evaluation at  info@powerfulspeaking.net



by Jennifer J. Pawlitschek