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Accent Reduction - Training Now Available Via Skype and Google+!

Is your accent difficult for others to understand?

If you grew up speaking a different language, or even if you spoke English but with a very different accent than your colleagues, it's possible that you are missing opportunities to advance in your career. If it is very hard for others to understand you, they will never be able to recognize your talents and skills.

High Achievers Deserve Personalized Attention

Powerful Speaking's clients are typically professionals at the top of their game.  The only thing stopping them from increasing their earning potential or reaching even higher levels of success is their communication skills.  We understand this and are responsive to the specific needs and goals of these high achievers.

Programs that Target Your Industry and Professional Goals

Powerful Speaking's Accent Reduction Training can help.  We will diagnose your specific pronunciation issues and design a program that meets your needs. Further, all of our programs use language from your industry or workplace, so you are incorporating the changes right into your daily speech patterns. 

If you speak to the media on a regular basis, your training with Powerful Speaking will incorporate media training and prepare you to give powerful and effective on-camera interviews.

We offer private lessons, in-person, or via videoconferencing (Skype, Google+, others).  Accent reduction lends itself easily to videoconferencing formats.  With the time it takes to get to a studio, you can instead be online and training.  You get the same personalized, one-on-one training, with the consistency that comes from being able to get to a lesson regardless of your workload or travel schedule. 

It’s time to be heard for your ideas, not your accent! Write for a free evaluation today: info@powerfulspeaking.net.

News: The New York Times features Jennifer Pawlitschek’s work on accent reduction.



by Jennifer J. Pawlitschek